2024-25 Virginia Western Academic Catalog and Student Handbook 
    May 29, 2024  
2024-25 Virginia Western Academic Catalog and Student Handbook

Health Professions: Introduction to Nursing Career Studies Certificate

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Career Studies Certificate


Purpose: This curriculum is designed to academically prepare students to apply for the restricted admissions AAS Nursing program and to gain a job ready skill in health professions.  Students will either prepare to take the National Registry of EMT certification exam or prepare to work in a medical office. Students should be aware that completion of this program does not guarantee admission into the AAS Nursing program.

Program Objectives: Graduates who prepare to take the National Registry of EMT certification exam and successfully complete the exam will become a state certified EMT and will be Nationally Registered as an EMT. Employment opportunities include EMT positions at ambulance services, hospitals, government emergency medical services or fire agencies such as public safety departments. Graduates who prepare to work in a medical office will have employment opportunities that include positions in physicians’ offices, HMOs, managed care practices, urgent care centers, and in other health-related agencies.

Admission Requirements: Applicants must meet the requirements for admission to credit-level coursework established by the college. Students should review the program specific admissions requirements for the restricted admission AAS in Nursing before starting this program. https://www.virginiawestern.edu/academics/health-professions/nursing/

Placement Requirements: Students who do not demonstrate readiness for college-level English will be required to select appropriate EDE 10  or ENG 111 /EDE 11*  coursework in consultation with an advisor.

Students who do not demonstrate readiness for the college-level math will be required to select appropriate MDE coursework in consultation with an advisor.

Program Notes: 

  • Students must maintain a grade of C or better in all courses in order to qualify for admittance into the restricted admission program.
  • A “C” or better is not required to complete this CSC.
  • Students can be placed in only one Health Professions Intro to… Career Studies Certificate. However, students can apply to more than one selective admissions health profession program. Students are strongly encouraged to meet with an advisor.
  • Students planning to apply for the AAS restricted admissions health programs should be aware that any grade lower than a “C” will not meet the requirements of those programs. It is advised that any course repeats to improve grades be done while in the Pre-Health CSC before applying to the AAS program.
  • In order to successfully complete the AAS programs, all courses require a grade of “C” or better for completion. Upon admission to one of the AAS selective admissions health programs, students are responsible for understanding the policies and procedures of their individual program as it may affect their program progression.

Third Semester (Summer)

Total Minimum Credits for Degree** 26

1 Dual enrollment or homeschooled students who have not graduated from high school must take BIO 101* , which includes a lab component and is a transferable course.

2 HLT 105 , HLT 106 , or the American Heart Association Healthcare Provider CPR certification (which includes infant, child, adult & AED) can be used to satisfy this requirement.

* This course has a requisite.

** Total credits may vary if students choose to take optional courses.

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